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A book to call your own!

WOW is all I can say! I just participated in a 5-Day Journal Challenge provided by Ali Manning from @vintagepagedesigns. Each day she hosted a Zoom call in addition to posting a video with instructions for each step of creating a journal.

I've tried creating my own journal in the past. However, I'd say that while it may work, it's not very pretty. It's amazing to me how far the basic skills can take you. You can make it as complex or as simple as you like and it's a wonderful way to incorporate your own artwork or creations into something lovely... keep it for yourself, give it away, whatever you like.

Here's my first hand at it. I started with a new medium for me - Kraft-tex. This is a paperish, fabricish type of thing (I can hear my husband asking "are those even words" lol!). I had a lot of fun layering all sorts of colorful acrylic paints over it and adding/embellishing on marks with Posca pens. I still need to finalize the closure that I'll add but couldn't wait to share this with you all. I'll come back later and fill in product details and share the finished product with the closure.

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