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Color Twists & Challenges

I've recently decided that I want to keep challenging myself with color! It'd be very easy for me to get in a rut - though it may not seem like one to me - of using the same colors over and over and over again... merely because they are my favorite. I realize, however, that my favorite may not be the favorite of a potential customer.

This week, my challenge came in the form of the colors presented in the My Favorite Things Color Challenge - specifically MFT Color Challenge 182.

At the outset, it didn't seem like it'd be that difficult! I really love the color that's referred to as Summer Splash and I often use that called Limelight. It seemed like I could add the others without much effort. So, I pulled out my acrylic paints that closely matched these.

Well, thank goodness for layers and layers and layers in abstract paintings! Before I share the finished pieces, take a look at the varying stages along the way... plenty of "ughh, I hate that, that's not working, what will I do" moments along the way. To start, I cut 4 pieces of 5 1/2 x 7 cold press watercolor paper and taped them to a board. Then I just started playing with the colors.

After layers and layers, back and forth with what I was doing, etc. I finally finished with 4 small paintings that I'm happy with. It honestly was a much larger challenge than I expected and I do think I'm the better for it. I encourage everyone to stretch themselves from time to time and doodle, paint, make cards, whatever your hearts desire - with colors you don't usually use! You may very well surprise yourself!

Until next time, thanks for joining me on this blessed journey!

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