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Joining with those around the world

My heart has been breaking over the past weeks as anger, selfishness, hatred, destruction, and darkness have been so prevalent. I’ve been so thankful to see the outpouring of the creative communities all around in response sharing love, beauty, encouragement, and light across the world! I felt compelled to join in and was inspired to create the following piece. It’s in my art journal, but I’m praying about what to do with it beyond sharing it via social media. I chose to only use the blue and yellow colors for Ukraine (though you can see I did also use a bit of white and black pen) and I made some sunflower stencils. The blue “stones” and the little crosses are to remind us of Who’s we are and where our foundation is.

None of us are perfect and we all make decisions that we find difficult to turn on. However, we need to know that we always have the choice to love or not… every minute of every day. I don’t believe there is a “point of no return”, we can always turn around, re-turn, repent. So, I’m striving to choose love and when I realize I haven’t, to stop and work on turning around.

Peace be with you all! May you burst forth with love and light like the rays of the sun!

Light for Ukraine

Here are some of the layer photos along the way. I started off by adding some prayers and words in pencil before I even started putting down color. You can't see it very well because I didn't make it very prominent.

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