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Fun in the Sun and Storms

Saturday I was in Blanco, TX showcasing some of my art during the monthly Blanco Market Day. It was a beautiful day, with much cooler temperatures than we've been having and a pretty good crowd. Around noon, we did have a storm blow in and had quite a bit of rain. I was really thankful to have walls for my canopy which protected my art and enabled me to stay the rest of the day. Fortunately, I think most folks just hung out under shelter until it passed by because it didn't slow things down much.

Thank you to all of my friends that came out to show support - some that I haven't seen in years! It was so wonderful to have a brief opportunity to catch up. Thank you to all of the new friends that stopped by to look at my work and learn a bit more. I look forward to seeing you again. Here are just a couple of happy folks!

I'm scheduled to be back for the Blanco Market Day weekends this fall and excited to share some new gift giving ideas. The dates are:

Sat. Oct. 21 - Fall themed items will be the focus

Sat. Nov. 18 - Last minute hostess gifts + Christmas items

Sat. Dec. 16 - More Christmas

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