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What am I doing??

Well, I'm really new to blogging and it mostly feels like I don't need to say anything when I don't have something to share. But last night I realized that there is stuff going on, although you can't see it! I'm continuing on through the AECP Level 1 courses and really enjoying them. I have had a chance to practice and put together a few cards for All About Layering 2 which I'll share later this week. I've also taken the Easy Ink Blending Techniques class which has some really helpful tips and tricks :-) However, I'm in the process of getting my room ready to paint so that's slowing me down a bit. In addition to painting... which is a large enough task... I think I want to rearrange. So that means totally discombobulating everthing! YIKES... what a mess. But, when it's done, it's going to to be great and enable me to be much more productive I think.

So, please stay tuned. Thanks so much!

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