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God the Artist

  Thou takest the pen -

  and the lines dance.

  Thou takest the flute -

  and the notes shimmer.

  Thou takes the brush -

  and the colours sing.

  So all things have meaning and beauty

  in that space beyond time where Thou      art.

  How, then, can I hold back anything        from Thee?


                         Dag Hammarskjold


I'm thrilled and thankful you're here!
Join me as I blur the lines and break all of the "art rules", as I bounce from one technique to another, one style to another, allowing space for inspiration and guidance from God.

To me "art" is Anything Really Today. I invite you to pick up a pen, a paintbrush, a glue stick, or any other artistic tool you have around and begin creating A.R.T.!!
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